Alisah Bonaobra, X Factor Contestant from Philippines

X Factor beyond any doubt Alisah Bonaobra was poor to the point that she disregarded the law by whipping rice in the city to bring home the bacon. Alisah has uncovered the genuine conditions she and her family have looked in their neighborhood Philippines. She communicated: “We offer sustenance on the walkway however it’s unlawful so the police always move us away.

Alisah Bonaobra

Alisah and her mum Luz could essentially bear to go to the UK with money related assistance from mates and a social event of Filipino therapeutic experts now working in England. Alisah is The X Factor contender with nine lives, and now she has won a place in the live shows in Sharon’s Girls gathering.

Alisah communicated: “Mum’s companion loaned her cash along these lines did her restorative authority partners who live in the UK. There’s 175 of them living here. Mum offers bolster outside the pro’s office in the Philippines, that is the techniques by which she wound up recognizably comfortable with them.This is my mum’s fantasy. She’s to an extraordinary degree cheerful. She reveals to me that I have the voice that she required.”